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The most successful project begins with the end in mind. Our approach to acquisition is centered around our ability to recognize a finished product’s full potential from every perspective, even before we start.

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At Toll Brothers Apartment Living, we’ve been there, done that and created a great community. In the simplest terms, we strategically select markets to maximize returns. With a well-planned, tactical approach at the start, we can use the tools and expertise at our disposal to take on any project, from high-rise buildings to mixed-use projects to garden-style communities and everything in between.

One of the most important aspects of our advantage in acquisition is that we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. With our entitlements experience, own land development team, as well as construction experience, we have the unique advantage of having in-house tools to get accurate site pricing and paint the complete picture of a project, to gain a realistic idea of what it will involve and how long it will take.

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Our team has decades of experience behind every deal, and because of our flexibility, we can make partnerships work to their fullest potential. We have extensive experience in buying land and finding candidate properties for redevelopment—and with $3.25 billion of available liquidity (Q4 2022), there is ample opportunity to find more.

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If we had to point to one thing that sets us above other companies, it is our dedication to each project, both professionally and financially. We typically have 20-50% equity in our ventures, which justifies us wanting to see each project through, from its initial stages through development and management and we have the balance sheet to see our projects and financial commitments through.

Our deals are partnerships. When you do business with Toll Brothers Apartment Living, you can be confident that you are not working with a fee-based sponsor—you are getting a partner who is dedicated to forging ahead to create a successful project.

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We do not believe there is only one way to put a deal together. We are not limited by convention or by a strict set of requirements to form a business relationship. We partner with a wide range of entities, including landowners, other developers and financial groups. Because we are well-capitalized and maintain ownership in our ventures, we have tremendous flexibility in structuring partnerships or fee-simple sales. Our strong balance sheet means that we can make deals without contingencies and cut out the uncertainty around financing.

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